300 Blankets meeting @ Fabrique

Amanda (Event 1 manager) and I re-visited Fabrique to confirm the dates and time of our first event.  In today’s meeting we went through our plans and marketing strategies with managers Thai and Jason and they gave us amazing advice and tips on how to make great events.  These guys do this for a living – week in week out they create full house events, so they laughed when I told them I was a bit nervous.  After the meeting we had another tour of the beautiful venue and we checked out all the lighting and possible stage configurations.  The main room is going to be perfect for the live performances and the middle room will be an amazing place to sell the paintings, photographs and jewelry, generously contributed by friends and family.  We also checked out the back area where we would like to set up the BBQ.  Thinking about it got me hungry.  So we now officially have a perfect venue for our first event.  But what is even more amazing is that the guys from Fabrique have decided to donate the venue hire for 300 Blankets.  This act of generosity is really going to help us achieve our goals.  I can’t wait to rock this bar up with you guys!  Only one month to go till show time!

– Warren


272 City Road, Southbank

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