Iceolation Care Packages Program

300 Blankets, in collaboration with The Melbourne Ice Foundation is pleased to launch ICE OLATION Care Packages in response to an increased number of individuals and families facing financial hardship and the suspension of many food programs including our Soul Kitchen. This initiative will enable the broader community the opportunity to purchase a pre-determined Care Package for a friend, family member or a 300 Blankets identified individual in need. This program has been providing weekly food packages to families and individuals experiencing hardship across Melbourne since the end of May 2020.

Each package has a value of $50 (RRP) and contains up to 20 staple food items including milk, bread, cereal, spreads, biscuits, tinned goods, pasta, fresh fruit and veggies, all packed in Woolworths Fridge ZIP Bag. Each Care Package will be sent with a personalised card identifying the Giver and the Recipient.

You can nominate your preferred recipient or 300 Blankets will deliver it to people or families in our community who are in need during this time. You can also choose to give anonymously. Find out more about the Iceolation packs at
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