3 Wishes

Last week, we caught up with our friend Mary. Mary is an older lady who has been sleeping rough for quite a few years. When we started talking, she excitedly opened up a new packet of Tim Tams and offered it to us. “These are special! They grant you 3 wishes!” she said referring to the current promotion. She then followed by asking what we wanted and in return we asked her what she would wish for:
  1. Tim Tams! This has already been granted and I get to share it with you.
  2. There are too many problems in this world, I would wish that they would be solved.
  3. For my third wish, I wish that everyone will feel loved. There is too much hate in this world.
Looking behind Mary as she told us her wishes, tears started to swell up in our eyes. Here we had a person with no material possession and when given the opportunity to have three wishes, none of the wishes was for herself.
Thank you Mary for showing us what really matters in the world. We feel so blessed to be able to meet the most incredible people.

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