Celebrating Christmas at Soul Kitchen

On the 16th of December 2018, we celebrated Christmas with our friends at Soul Kitchen.

The aim for Soul Kitchen is to address food security, a place where people feel a sense of belonging and feel loved. It is a place where people are cared for and encouraged. This year we celebrated our first Christmas with our Soul Kitchen family. Christmas for us is a time for for families to get together in celebration and to show love and give thanks.

The team of volunteers wanted to make this a special night and started planning the incredible meal a month in advance. Our partner at Bridge Church selected 300 Blankets as a beneficiary of their gift giving and the church community purchased over 60 gifts for all of our friends. What was most special was being able to put up decorations made by all of the children and volunteers who attend Soul Kitchen.

From the moment when the guests arrived and saw a decorated hall filled with amazing food, Christmas carols and decorations – we all knew it was going to be special. One of the children ran around the rows of table excited – looking for the decorations she helped make. Upon finding it, she proudly showed it to everyone who walked past. With gifts, Santa, music and costumes, the night was incredible.

We are so grateful for the volunteers who put endless effort into making something special for the isolated and disadvantaged communities in Braybrook. We are thankful for the Bridge Church community who generously donated so much to make everyone who attended, felt loved and special. There were tears of joy, screams of laughter and love all night. The hard work was all worth it!

Words from Scott – Volunteer:

I had the privileged of opening the door for Santa and seeing the surprise and excitement of the kids when they spotted Santa strolling down the corridor toward them.
The Christmas Party was a huge success; the guests loved the festive atmosphere, appreciated all the effort that went into preparing the decorations and the amazing food. Many of the adults were tickled pink to receive a gift on the night, something that they were not expecting.
Extravagant love – Bridge Church donated some wonderful, thoughtful gifts. That we were able to have gifts ready for all the guests who attended, regardless of age was a testament to their generosity and love.
Another highlight was Jim and his son Jamie bringing two large boxes of home made cup cakes for the volunteers. It is true testament to the fact the fact Soul Kitchen is creating an extended family, and a sense of true belonging for those in our community.
Not only have you brought peace and goodwill to the community; you have brought hope.

Bridge Church is a major partner of 300 Blankets. This year, the team at Bridge Church has supported us financially through fundraising events, provided volunteers to support our Outreach Program and has been a big partner in bringing Soul Kitchen to life.

This Christmas, Bridge Church will continue to bless our friends through their Gift Giving program. People who attend Bridge Church have been encouraged to purchase gifts for the many individuals who receive support from us. These includes the families who attend Soul Kitchen and our friends sleeping rough in Melbourne. We can’t wait to start handing out gifts in the lead up to Christmas!

Thank you Bridge Church for helping us spread love across Melbourne.

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