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At 300 Blankets, we are spoilt by the abundance of people putting their hands up to volunteer, and the wonderful relationships we have built with extraordinary charities. It is through our relationship with other charities that have enabled our blankets to reach people experiencing homelessness in the Melbourne and Perth CBD, to the hidden corners of Victoria. But we have always wanted to and known we could do more.

On Monday 11th of May, 300 Blankets commenced our first community outreach event. Equipped with donated blankets, warm socks, new underwear and thermals, a team of 6 volunteers walked the streets of Melbourne to reach-out to people sleeping rough. Our mission was to spread the warmth of blankets and provide a message of hope to people doing it tough in our city. As we were on our own schedule, we had the opportunity to stay longer with people when needed. We were reminded throughout the night about the importance of recognising and acknowledging people and that we all have stories to share. It was incredibly heart-warming to end conversations with a handshake or a hug, knowing that the interaction was meaningful for everyone involved.

In our maiden mission, we met and connected with many people unable to find a permanent place to call home. It was a powerful reminder of how much more we need to do to help the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in our community. The outreach event may have been small, but it was an important step in our journey.

300 Blankets Outreach Program



  1. Arthur says

    I went along with the 300 blankets team to walk the streets of Melbourne on a cold wintry Sunday night.
    This isn’t just a group of people who only wanted to hand out blankets and be done for the day.
    The members made every genuine attempt to talk to the homeless. Treating them as respectable human beings .

    The most important thing of all is they treated the homeless with dignity

    Definitely a group worth supporting.

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