Even the homeless have birthdays

On my way to work today, I walked past a lady in clothes that has probably seen better days. She was holding up a sign saying that it was her birthday. I stopped and to have a chat with her. It turns out it was her 30th.

Instantly a feeling of sadness swept over me. I revealed to her that we’re actually the same age – born just days apart. As we were talking, I thought about the wonderful friends and family who celebrated the milestone with me over the weekend. I could not be more grateful for the support network I am blessed to have in my life. She told me that no one believes it’s her birthday. “But it’s true, even the homeless have birthdays”. All she wants for her birthday was to see her children. After our chat, I wrote her a birthday card and gave her a packet of lollies. You can’t celebrate a big birthday without lollies.

I hope she gets her wish soon.


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