300 Blankets Outreach Program


Since July 2015, 300 Blankets has operated the Outreach Program, where at least twice a week year-round, a group led by one of our dedicated Outreach Leaders directly engages with people sleeping rough in Melbourne’s CBD.  300 Blankets recognised early on that consistency and reliability of our presence out on the streets is essential to developing relationships and trust with people.  The Outreach Program works to provide people experiencing homelessness with friendship and support in a time when they are generally in greatest need of social and material assistance. This effort is in recognition of the fact that social isolation and a sense of disenfranchisement can proliferate among people on the streets.

300 Blankets – Soul Kitchen


Soul Kitchen is a no charge community program on every Sunday evening. This is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers who not only prepare an amazingly nutritious meal, but who also share this meal with those who may be struggling to make ends meet, or who are feeling socially isolated. The people accessing this service range from singles, couples to young families. Soul Kitchen brings the local community together in a safe and respectful environment for anyone who wishes to share a meal, chat or play a round of Connect 4.

Soul Kitchen in Braybrook is open every Sunday night.

Soul Kitchen – Braybrook
Braybrook Community Hub
107 Churchill Ave, Braybrook VIC 3019
Every Sunday Night
6:45PM – 8:15PM



Care Package Program – ceased May 2024

Formerly known as the Iceolation Program – created in May 2020 – the Care Package Program was established to address food security issues in our community by providing a nutritionally diverse grocery pack to families, couples and individuals across Melbourne. In partnership with local IGAs, 300 Blankets purchased groceries, IGA stores packed the bags, and volunteers delivered the packs every Saturday fortnight. The program was established not just for the food; but also the opportunity to connect with recipients.

While the program is no longer available, 300 Blankets successfully delivered 6,370 Care Packages across 4 years of activity.
Recipient Testimonial: “Thank you to everyone at 300 Blankets. I am so humbled and grateful to everyone. You have all been a lifeline to us. I so appreciate your hard work and efforts.” Francine
Recipient Testimonial: “Thank you for the delivery when you all could be home with family. We are blessed to be able to get food. Sincere thanks to the volunteers that work tirelessly so all this is possible” Pamela.
300 Blankets has now ceased to offer this program, as of May 2024. If you’re a previous recipient looking for food or material aid support, connect via our contact us page for referrals.

We provide blankets to people experiencing homelessness.



300 Blankets is a major provider of blankets in Victoria for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 300 Blankets purchases and distributes blankets through our Homelessness Outreach Program, Soul Kitchen and through other homelessness services. Our current beneficiaries includes  St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, Launch Housing, Bolton Clarke – Homeless Persons Program and many other charities and not for profit organisations providing support for people experiencing homelessness in Victoria.
You can help now simply by donating directly to 300 Blankets and ensure we will always have blankets to give to those who need it most.





Through extensive interactions with people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in our Programs, the volunteers of 300 Blankets continue to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of homelessness, its causes and associated issues.
We see immense value in sharing our experiences and knowledge of homelessness with the wider community. This includes working with and visiting: companies, organisations, schools, universities, community groups, charities and not-for profits. We believe that education provides us with an opportunity to present alternative narratives to the prevailing stereotype of homelessness in our community.
Visit our School Programs page to see how we could work with your school.