Warren Tu


Warren Tu, Co-Founder of 300 Blankets, is passionate about human rights and social justice. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology and Psychophysiology and a Bachelor of Psychology and Marketing/Management.
Warren founded 300 Blankets in 2012 and continues to challenge our charity to make significant improvements in the livelihood of people who are at risk or are experiencing homelessness in our community. He developed the blankets program in partnership with like-minded charities, so that volunteers won’t have to say “no” when asked for warm blanket. Determined to build a personal connection with people at risk or are experiencing homelessness, Warren developed the Outreach Program in the Melbourne CBD and Soul Kitchen in the Western and Northern suburbs of Melbourne.
Outside his involvement with 300 Blankets, Warren volunteered with the St Vincent de Paul Society Soup Vans for 4 years and served as Ambassador of the St Vincent de Paul Society – Compeer Program. His professional experience stems from his management roles in operations, buying and supplier management.


Peter Royce


Peter Royce has been a keen volunteer with 300 Blankets since 2014 and is currently the Outreach Program Manager.
Professionally, Peter is a consultant Project Manager in the commercial construction industry having completed a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Project Management) and a Masters Degree in Construction Law.
Since the Outreach Program’s inception in 2015, Peter is one of our most experienced Outreach night leaders and is involved in leading other areas of the charity to ensure the organisation’s continued success into the future.


Susan Hendra

Vice President

Susan is a mother of two, who is passionate about raising awareness and educating youth about social issues and the community. She believes strongly in engaging with volunteers and service users in an authentic and meaningful way.
She is currently working for a community health organization supporting families with young children, with a focus on school readiness, parenting and mentoring adults.
Susan began volunteering with 300 Blankets in 2016. She was involved in the conception and set up of the Soul Kitchen Program in Braybrook and managed it from its outset in 2018. In 2020, Susan co-lead our Iceolation Program in conjunction with Melbourne Ice and is responsible for the delivering of care packages to families in need. She is also involved in our Outreach program as a Night Outreach leader.


Geoffrey Lim


Geoffrey is Secretary of 300 Blankets. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, as well as study scholarships from Peking University in China.
Geoffrey’s professional experience is derived from banking and finance roles at the National Australia Bank and Macquarie Group. He also brings a raft of political experience through his work with various Federal and State Members of Parliament.
Geoffrey has volunteered for 300 Blankets since 2014 and aims to eventually make a substantial and sustainable impact to alleviating the homelessness crisis in Australia.


Brad Sargent


Brad joined the team as Treasurer for 300 Blankets in 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and is a CPA.
As Treasurer, Brad oversees the financial management and reporting obligations of 300 Blankets. His professional experience in treasury and accounting help support the charity’s operational and strategic decision making, and the suitable use of our funds.
Brad hopes by establishing a firm and sustainable financial platform for 300 Blankets, we can continue to provide our programs across Melbourne and support those in need.


Liam Holland

Soul Kitchen Braybrook Manager

Liam started his journey with 300 Blankets in 2019 as a volunteer in Soul Kitchen Braybrook. With a passion to serve the community and educating people about good food options, before long he was entrusted with the role of leading the kitchen, serving healthy, nourishing meals to our guests.
He sees the work that takes place at 300 Blankets as lifting the minimum standard of living for the vulnerable in the society.
Liam has spent his life working in the food industry and food education and is passionate about social justice related issues. Other than volunteering, Liam enjoys spending time with his two teenage children.


Loretta Stapleton

Outreach Program Leader

Loretta joined the 300 Blankets team as an Outreach Program leader in 2017. Professionally, Loretta is a registered nurse with experience working at the Box Hill Hospital Emergency Department and now works in private practice in the field of Dermatology. She is also President of her local St Vincent de Paul conference.
Loretta is passionate about extending the hand of friendship and support to marginalised people who are sleeping rough.



Mental Health Consultant

Michael is a mental health doctor who has over 15 years experience volunteering with St Vincent De Paul, with many years spent leading the largest soup van operation in Victoria.
He has completed a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery, and also a Masters of Psychiatry. Michael has worked as a mental health doctor for the past five years in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, and even prison. In his spare time he hosts the popular psychiatry podcast ‘The Psych Review’.
Michael joined 300 Blankets in 2019, and is very excited to take on the role of Mental Health Consultant.