Blankets in 2017

300 Blankets was born out of the constant need for blankets amongst people experiencing homelessness in Australia. After volunteering their time to assist a local soup van distribute food to those in need, the founders of 300 Blankets came to understand that, after food and water, blankets were the most sought after item by those who were experiencing homelessness. 300 Blankets had begun as simply a fundraising event to fund the purchase of blankets for the people the founders served whilst volunteering for their local soup van. 300 Blankets is now approaching its 6th Australian winter and has now distributed over 10,000 blankets to like-minded beneficiaries and people at risk or experiencing homelessness.

Through our beneficiaries, our blankets now reach people experiencing homelessness through out Victoria. We are proud to continue to support a wide range of charities and community groups so when they engage with people in need, they are equipped with the warmth of blankets. Here are a few of our important charity partners who help keep our community warm:

St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria – Soup Vans
Every night, six soup van routes across Victoria feed people from all walks of life, many of whom are experiencing homelessness. Through companionship, the volunteers who run the soup vans play an incredible role in the mental health and well-being of the people they visit. Whilst they are collectively known as the soup vans, we feel that the food they distribute is only the beginning.

Royal District Nursing Service – Homeless Persons’ Healthcare Program
The RDNS Homeless Persons’ Healthcare Program involves a team of community health nurses who work with and on behalf of individuals and groups experiencing homelessness. They provide primary healthcare to people in rooming houses, crisis accommodation, caravans, and people sleeping rough. They also work in partnership with other community health and welfare organisations including VincentCare and Launch Housing.

Launch Housing
Launch Housing is the largest independent crisis accommodation provider in Victoria with their mission being to end homelessness. They provide a specialist service for people to not only access crisis accommodation but also to access and maintain permanent housing.

As the homelessness crisis in Victoria continues to grow, so does the list of services reaching out to us. In order to continue to be a reliable source of blankets, we need the support of individuals and organisations in our community. You can directly support our service by donating to us at Thank you for your continued support of 300 Blankets.

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