Peter’s November Update

In the last few months 300 Blankets has gone on a bit of a recruitment drive to help bolster our management team as we look to enhance our current services as well as setting ourselves up to be a more sustainable organisation moving forward.  We are thrilled to welcome some very amazing people:

·       Trudy Booker who has joined us as the Marketing & Communications Director.

·       Tash Roberts who will be filling a new role – Partnerships Manager; and in another first for us, we have brought on

·       Three General Committee Members; Emma O’Connor, Anna Mercer and Veronica Lopez, all of whom bring a breadth of experience and expertise to our team.

The fresh energy at 300 Blankets is palpable, and we hope to continue this trend with some more new recruitment announcements to come before the end of 2022.

The last month has seen us pause for three weeks, and then restart Soul Kitchen in a new format at the Braybrook Community Hub with a move from serving dinner in the Hall, to the Library.  Liam and the volunteer cohort have done an amazing job of adjusting the Program to suit the new arrangements, and obviously our guests are super happy that we’re all set for the next couple of years.

The efforts of our volunteers who have been busy negotiating Melbourne’s increasing traffic to deliver groceries as part of our Care Package Program cannot be understated.  The broad selection of groceries we distribute is exceptional and we are glad that we can make a few tweaks here and there to respond to the needs of our recipients.

In October we hosted an Annual General Meeting dinner where we had the opportunity to report on our achievements in FY 2022 and celebrate everyone involved in making 300 Blankets tick, and most important of all, recount our experiences and stories of people in our community we have been able to support.

Read our FY 2022 Annual Report here: Annual Report 2021-22

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