300 Blankets sharing the warmth of friendship at Christmas

This year the management team at 300 Blankets is volunteering to help organise a Christmas party for the volunteers and companions of the Compeer program.

Compeer is a friendship building  buddy program matching volunteers with a companion who is receiving mental health treatment. They meet weekly to chat about life, share interests and bond over activities which clients would not otherwise have. It is a simple gesture but these simple acts can be profound. The Compeer program provides the invaluable gift of friendship.

As part of the invitation only Christmas party being held on Saturday 8 December 2012, we would like to organise performers to sing and play music to create a friendly, energetic Christmas celebration.

We are also looking for organisations who would like to donate 80 units of products as gifts to the Compeer volunteers and companions.

If you and your musical group would like a chance to volunteer to help create an unforgettable afternoon or would like to donate gifts, please submit your interest via the link below by Sunday 28 October. We are interested in communicating with any group who would like to give back to the community during the season for giving.

Click here to volunteer or to organise a donation of gifts.

If you would like to know more about the Compeer program, follow the link below:

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