The St Vincent de Paul soup vans

In 2012, over 1500 of the blankets raised by 300 Blankets were donated to the St Vincent de Paul soup vans. These blankets have been given out on cold nights to people who need the warmth most. Our blankets have reached people from the Melbourne CBD to people in country Victoria.

Over the past few weeks, our volunteers have been out helping the Vinnies soup vans and have witnessed the amazing work the soup van volunteers do every night of the year. It has been an emotional experience for our team and we are proud to continue to support the Vinnies soup vans in 2013.

I’ve asked our volunteers to write a short passage about their experiences on the soup vans and will update this page as I received them. Here are their stories:


On Wednesday 13th  February I was invited to take part in the St Vinnies Soup Van Run. The night involved preparing food and  loading up the vans. We then drove to several sites around Melbourne to hand out drinks, hot food, soups and cold sandwiches to the less fortunate.  I would have to say this was an eye opening experience and i am definitely glad i was given the opportunity to do this, I saw things that I never thought existed in Melbourne and it was definitely a great feeling helping out the less fortunate and seeing their faces light up when they saw us.

I find it amazing that St Vinnies do this every night and i would encourage everyone to come along one night to see the great work St Vinnies do for our community.



Too often we forget how fortunate many of us are. Instead of appreciating what we have, we complain about needing to go to work, the weather, the transport system.. 

Tonight I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people who shared their stories from all walks of life. I, along with a few other 300 Blankets volunteers, was given a fantastic opportunity to join St Vincent’s soup van walks across the Melbourne CBD. 

The experience is definitely one I’ll always remember and appreciate.

300 Blankets St Vincent de Paul Soup Van


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