St Francis de Sales – Action Team

Over the last few months, the amazing Year 3 and 4 students in the Action Team at St Francis de Sales Primary School in Lynbrook, adopted our mission to keep our community warm. After a Skype conference with 300 Blankets, the passionate group set out to make a difference for people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne.

Lead by Angela Faiola – Deputy Principal, the students acknowledged that the issue of homelessness requires greater attention and created an enormous blanket mural – currently hanging in the school’s general office. The impressive mural is made up of two blankets created by each student stitching an individual patch. It is a stand out feature and a wonderful conversation point.

To make a material difference, the students held a school fete to raise money for 300 Blankets. Volunteering their time and energy for the cause, the students held various stores from jellybean guessing to donating their own toys in order to generate funds. The fete raised an amazing $433. This will help provide the warmth of blankets to 28 people.

In addition to the money raised, the students have also written messages of prayers to go into the blankets. These prayers will add a greater meaning to the blankets and provide the recipient with a positive message from a caring member of the community.

We are humbled to have met and worked with the compassionate young minds – eager to make a positive contribution to our society. Thank you to Angela, the Year 3 and 4 Action Team, and the St Francis de Sales Primary School community for supporting 300 Blankets, and making a positive difference for people experiencing homelessness.


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