Pyjamas Day at Camberwell South Primary School

Students, Teachers and Staff, and Families of Camberwell South Primary School participated in the 300 Blankets Pyjamas Day on Friday 13th of June. On behalf of 300 Blankets, I would like to extend a big warm thank you for the wonderful initiative and the Community Service movie in support of 300 Blankets.

The fun and memorable Pyjamas Day initiative collected 250 blankets and raised $750. This will directly reach people who are in need. But what was even more special is that attached to the blankets were special messages written by members of the school to show love, and provide hope to people who might need that little extra hug. You can read of some of the messages on our Facebook page.

In the fast moving world we live in, we must always remember those less fortunate. This initiative has been a great way to teach our future leaders about compassion and care. Well done!

The emotional movie created by the students can be viewed at:

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